Cobb Wedding

Enjoy some photos from Tom and Alyssa's beautiful fall wedding!


Matt & Amber

Hey everyone! A few weeks back I did a super fun shoot with Matt and Amber who are getting married in January! Aren't they cute?

... and sometimes they just do strange things.


Kassi & Ian

It was such a pleasure to shoot Kassi and Ian's wedding! I was able to work with Kassi and Ian for two separate engagement shoots and then did a bridal shoot with Kassi. Basically, my computer has become very well aquainted with Kassi's face... which I don't mind :). It was great to know the couple so well by the time the wedding rolled around. It made shooting super casual and comfortable. Kassi and Ian had such a beautifully detailed southern style wedding at Crown Winery in Humboldt, TN. I had never shot at this location before and I really loved it. Their wedding was super sweet and beautiful. Hope you enjoy!

I was OBSESSED with Kassi's bouquet. 

Hopefully she won't mind me mentioning that she cried when she saw them the morning of her wedding day. I poked fun at her at the time but I think I kind of get it. They're super beautiful, right? I only took about as many pictures of the flowers as I did of her. That's not bad is it?

Another thing I was obsessed with ... THESE!

Kassi's father made these beautiful ring boxes from a tree limb at their house. He branded each holder with Kassi and Ian's initials, lined the inside with ring box velvet and made a hinged top! I can't even talk about how much I love these. So unique, so sentimental, and so beautiful! 

Kassi and Ian did something super cool that I'd never seen before. They had a custom "W" brand made and branded a pieces of wood with their initial! 


Charity & Forrest


Alex & Erin

A few weeks back I shot a wedding in Louisville, KY for Erin and Alex! This wedding was so much fun because I'd met almost everyone involved in the wedding already! Back in 2011 Rachael (Erin's new sister-in-law) recommended me to her friend Holly who needed a wedding photographer. I shot Holly's wedding and got to know Rachael better that day. A year later Rachael's sister Rebecca got married and hired me to be the wedding photographer. I met their brother Alex and his girlfriend Erin at that wedding two years ago. Alex and Erin then hired me to shoot their wedding a few weeks ago. Last but not least, next year Rachael is getting married and I'll be the photographer for her and her fiance Felipe!

I'm basically the family photographer. I'm cool with that because they're really awesome people. 

Erin and Alex's wedding was super beautiful and so much fun. I can't wait to see the family again in March for Rachael and Felipe's wedding! Enjoy!

Erin told us all the story behind her wedding jewelry as she was getting ready. Her grandfather passed away several years ago. After he passed she decided to save the last $100 he'd ever given her. She wanted to buy something really special with that money and could never think of anything good enough until her wedding. Her wedding jewelry was purchased with that money. 

At Rebecca's wedding she specifically asked for a photo of her and Rachael's tattoos. They both have a tattoo in honor of their brother who passed away. No one asked for a photo of their tattoos this time, but I thought I'd grab one anyway. I like that their brother was represented at the wedding.