Anzel - Nine Month Photos

Hey everyone! It's been a while! Here's a little preview of the time I spent with Anzel this afternoon! Stay tuned to the blog, there's a ton coming up soon! This month has so much happening. This week I'm shooting a birth story (woohoo!), next weekend Erin and Alex's wedding, the next weekend Charity and Forrest's wedding, and the next weekend Kassi and Ian's wedding. It's going to be a great month!


Kassi and Ian

You might recognize these two from a previous blog post... this was our second engagement photo session! Kassi and Ian are so fun to work with because they'll do anything you tell them to even if it's probably a bad idea. They're adventurers, which makes shooting them super interesting. I've always wanted to do a water session and they were interested in having some water photos, so it worked out for both of us! All three of us braved the murky waters of Chickasaw State Park to get these cool photos. We were super gross when we finished, but I think it was worth it. If nothing else, we had a ton of fun. These two are getting married next month, so watch out for their wedding photos coming soon!



Katie & Jason's Wedding

I'm so excited to post some photos from Katie and Jason's gorgeous wedding. It was such a pleasure working with them and their families. Let me know what you think and enjoy! 


Katie Bridal Portraits

Last weekend I was priviledged to be able to shoot Katie and Jason's beautiful wedding in Tullahoma, TN. There are a ton of photos from this wedding, but for now I just have a little sneak peek for you. I loved Katie's bridal portraits, so I thought they deserved their own post! More to come from this amazing vintage wedding soon!



Scott Family - Tucker's 1st Birthday

A few months back when I did a shoot with the Scott family I was asked to be at Tucker's first birthday party to take photos. Suzanne had ADORABLE ideas for his party, which was a woodland/forest theme. Unfortunately, the party was rained out and had to be moved inside. We decided to reschedule Tuck's shoot for a time when it was pretty outside. As it turns out, it could not have worked out better. The light in their backyard was magnificent the day we were able to shoot. Seriously, perfect. 

To fit with the forest theme of the party we set up a tent and some other props. I really love styled shoots. They're so much fun!

Oh and also... THERE WAS A BABY DEER!

Yeah, that's right. An adorable, spotted, sweet baby deer who likes to lick baby faces.

This is Tucker's favorite facial expression. I'm not sure what it means, but my guess is that he just figured out that his face can do that so he's embracing it. 

For the party Suzanne made fox masks and tails for all the kids! Tucker and Calloway rocked their fox outfits for some of our photos.