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Cobb Wedding

Enjoy some photos from Tom and Alyssa's beautiful fall wedding!


Matt & Amber

Hey everyone! A few weeks back I did a super fun shoot with Matt and Amber who are getting married in January! Aren't they cute?

... and sometimes they just do strange things.


Kassi & Ian

It was such a pleasure to shoot Kassi and Ian's wedding! I was able to work with Kassi and Ian for two separate engagement shoots and then did a bridal shoot with Kassi. Basically, my computer has become very well aquainted with Kassi's face... which I don't mind :). It was great to know the couple so well by the time the wedding rolled around. It made shooting super casual and comfortable. Kassi and Ian had such a beautifully detailed southern style wedding at Crown Winery in Humboldt, TN. I had never shot at this location before and I really loved it. Their wedding was super sweet and beautiful. Hope you enjoy!

I was OBSESSED with Kassi's bouquet. 

Hopefully she won't mind me mentioning that she cried when she saw them the morning of her wedding day. I poked fun at her at the time but I think I kind of get it. They're super beautiful, right? I only took about as many pictures of the flowers as I did of her. That's not bad is it?

Another thing I was obsessed with ... THESE!

Kassi's father made these beautiful ring boxes from a tree limb at their house. He branded each holder with Kassi and Ian's initials, lined the inside with ring box velvet and made a hinged top! I can't even talk about how much I love these. So unique, so sentimental, and so beautiful! 

Kassi and Ian did something super cool that I'd never seen before. They had a custom "W" brand made and branded a pieces of wood with their initial! 


Charity & Forrest